I’ve got nothing

As to not drop this fantastic roll I have going with blogging every day I am making an entry. Today was an average Tuesday. I cleaned the apartment because I was too lazy to do it yesterday. Matt’s beard sheds more than the cat and the bathroom was a beard hair graveyard. It was wicked gross but I am always 100% happier once the apartment is all clean and sparkly.

I received all my medical leave paperwork crap today and none of it makes any sense so I will be having some assistance with that ASAP.

Bartender Tom will be coming by any minute now to have me teach him the basics of podcasting and audio editing.

The DnD group is in the other room saying the most ridiculous thing. At one point from what I can tell Peter’s character turned into Fat Professor and the rest of the group were all Very Mary Kate. Also Peter needs to know how to “milk his beetle”. Standard things to hear on a Tuesday night.

This weekend we will be having the Gurren Lagann marathon and I will actually get to meet Allison instead of just talking to her through twitter and tumblr. Pretty cool.

I am having a FANTASTIC hair day and have absolutely nowhere to show it off at. 

Catface hates the noise of all these strangers and is hiding deep in the closet instead of sleeping in her normal keffiyeh nest. She’s getting braver though.

Tuesday. It’s a day. End.  


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